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"How to Market a Product For UNDER $500!"
: A Handbook of Multiple Exposure Marketing

Editorial Review: This insider's guide to direct marketing shows small businesses how to create and implement a marketing campaign that chances are will be ten times more effective than anything they are already doing--at a lower cost. Covers how to develop direct marketing and direct mail campaigns, advertise in mail order catalogs, reach the best markets and more. A great reference tool for business owners or sales and marketing professionals.

Below are book reviews and hands-on comments from readers' of this dynamic marketing book. After you become one of Jeffrey Dobkin's readers and put these marketing technique "how to's" into practice, please send us your comments or questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Email us!

Book Review Book Review #1: 5 star book review!

I loved this book!

Jeff Dobkin has done a fantastic job of providing a vast resource of marketing ideas for those who don't have a marketing budget.

Not having a lot of money for marketing doesn't mean you can't be wildly successful. And if your pockets are bare, you can't live without this book.

I've gotten so much out of this book. In fact, my copy looks like its been through World War 3! It's been highlighted, corners bent, notes all over the place! It's great!

Book Review Book Review #2: 5 star book review!A review by John Dunbar, Sugar Land Texas

Big book, lots of practical ideas, low cost techniques

This is another book by Dobkin covering his multiple exposure marketing methods. There are over 350 pages of checklists, resources, and great ideas. Heres a synopsis of the contents:

I - Big Results from Free Press (publicity) - 30 sections outlining how to create a PR campaign that gets published. This was very well done, and I wish he would come out with a book on this topic exclusively.

II - Direct Mail - 46 sections outlining how to create a direct mail campaign. These 46 are organized into 3 main sub-sections:

a - In Direct Mail Your Success May Be Just 37 Cents Away,

b - Other Elements of a Direct Mail Package

c - Lists: the Most Important Element in Any Mailing.

III - Marketing Through Magazines. This is broken into 4 sub-sections totalling 32 different topics:

a - Overview (how to integrate with PR releases, etc.),

b - Research Tools of the Trade Made Easy,

c - The One Evening Marketing Plan,

d - Marketing Through Magazines with Paid Advertising.

IV - Ads. This is broken down into 4 sub-sections containing 30 different topics. The sub-sections are:

a - Overview (writing your ads to an objective... a favorite of his, youll also see it in his other book on Uncommon Marketing),

b - Types of Headlines

c - Business to Business Inquiry Generating Ads

d - Ad Design and Procurement

V - The $500 Campaign. Here he has 11 sections put together a complete campaign.

(He even includes a few pages in the back of the book for the "A Technique for Delaying Brain Death in Heart Attack Victims" as a public service. At first I looked at this and said "Huh?", then after I read it, I was amazed at Dobkins concern for others. He really describes a zero cost way even a child could use on an adult having a heart attack.)

What I liked about this marketing book:

+ Lots of practical advice,

+ He organizes the material to help your marketing campaigns,

+ He covers PR as an important element, as well as direct marketing,

+ He pushes multiple-exposure marketing (which I agree is very powerful - as Ive used in on software letters and tracked the results),

+ He gives copywriting advice for your letters and ads,

+ Very good coverage of "the offer". I particularly liked his concept of "complementing the offer" (adding on guarantees, etc.). He gives lots of examples here.

+ He describes a marketing cost model that you can use.

+ How to buy and position magazine ads,

+ Use of low cost techniques (inquiry generating ads, postcards)

+ Lots of reproduced examples (letters, mag ads, postcards, classifieds)

+ Long list of resources.

I liked this book very much. After I bought it, later he came out with the Uncommon Marketing book. I bought that one also. Although there is a certain amount of overlap, I'm happy I bought both. They are both rated an "A +" read, and make great reference books to keep on your shelf forever.

Book Review Book Review #3: 5 star book review!

An extremely informative and fun book to read

Jeffrey Dobkin is incredible! Not only did he personally respond to my phone call to him after I read his incredible book, but he dropped a note in the mail to thank me for reading his book and used some of his personal contacts to help me market my disc jockey training materials.

I was able to generate a 73% response rate on a lead generating direct mail letter that I crafted straight from the step by step easy to understand directions in this brilliant printed marketing seminar. This letter was to potential wedding clients for my companies DJ services. We booked 5 sales from it which resulted in $2,000 in deposits and $4,975 in gross income. Not a bad time investment.

I definitely consider myself knowledgeable in the copyrwiting area, but I became extremely knowledgeable after reading Mr. Dobkin's book.

The reason that I'm writing this review is because I am preparing to read the book again. I'm sure that I will pick up many more new ideas that will help me market even more effectively.

If Jeffrey Dobkin writes another book (it could be on harvesting avocados) I'll be in front of you in line to get it. Though I would like it autographed Mr. Dobkin!

Book Review Book Review #4:

Good info - Good ideas!

Good basic marketing info as well as advanced ideas. Will be a help to anyone. Got my product started fast. Thanks Mr. Dobkin!

Book Review Book Review #5 5 star book review!

A must how-to book for marketing anything on your own

Jeffrey Dobkin went way above the call of duty and gave us in his book everything one would need to know to successfully market any product or service. The book is not only simple to read and learn but also fun. Every idea makes great sense and the ideas are endless. Thank you Jeffrey Dobkin for giving me your 17 years of experience in one easy and practical book. I highly recommend this book to everyone in their own business.

Jeffrey Dobkin is the author of two books on marketing. The first book is a 400-page, 81/2" x 11", 2-1/2 lb. resource tool titled How To Market a Product for Under $500. It demonstrates how an entrepreneur or small business owner can single-handedly bring a product to the attention of a national marketplace in under 6 months, for under $500. ISBN 0-9642879-2-7. $29.95.

His second book, UNcommon Marketing Techniques includes 270 pages of tips and tactics of successful marketing and direct marketing methods. Written in his own information-rich style, this explicit how-to book contains over 33 of Jeff Dobkin's most requested articles on small business marketing. ISBN 0-9642879-3-5. $17.95.

Learn more About Jeffrey Dobkin by clicking here. Both books are available in major bookstores or call 817-910-9000 today to order!

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