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~ The Wedding Party ~

Isnít this a good-looking group? Pictured here are people who bring smiles to faces with their quick wit, friendly dispositions and outgoing personalities.

Thank you all for you support, hard work, and most of all, your  friendship.
~ ~ ~

Special thanks also to:

Rev. Dean Reed: Thank you for helping us through all the steps needed to make our dreams become a reality.

Ushers and Attendants:
James and Justin: Thank you, you smooth, debonair guys for your welcoming assistance.
Mica Powell and Crystal Hill: Thank you for your cheery, beautiful smiles and warm welcomes for our guests.

Kendall and Kenton: you are too cute for words!

Left to right, back to front:

Melissa Howard, James Scott, Rev. Dan Reed, Jerrod Grissom, Jerrod Hill, Tysha Beaty (Maid of Honor), Aaron Carpenter (Best Man), Katrina Watson, Amy Grissom, Heather Osman (Matron of Honor) Trevor Truss, Justin Holman, and our little helpers,
Kendall Osman
(Flower Girl) and Kenton Parish.

Photography by Legendary Portraits, Granbury

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