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How We Met:

Randy and Britney had geometry class together at Stephenville High School where they had to sit in alphabetical order.

Luckily Beaty and Carpenter are close in the alphabet. From then on they were friends.

They reunited one night while sitting out on Tysha’s (Britney’s sister) front porch. Britney told him all of her problems and Randy listened. He listened. They have been inseparable ever since.

Engaged on January 18, they will exchange their wedding vows on December 14, 2002.
 ...  Stay tuned to see how this love story unfolds.

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Remember When?

I remember when I first got to know Randy. I told myself, and of course my darling sister Tysha, Randy is a very understanding, compassionate, honorable man. I love his honesty, his personality and most of all, his laugh. I always want him around, even if dating does not work out, I want to be his friend and keep him close. He is a rarity. Tysha replied:
 "I know."  -Britney

I remember the nights on the front porch at Tysha’s house. Britney and I would talk about her problems and everything else under the sun. She caught my eye with her great smile and contagious laugh. She kept my attention with her great personality, the way she cares about every little thing and mostly, because she is a great mother. She is so easy to talk to. I can talk to her even if I have nothing to talk about. I remember never wanting those nights to end when it was time to go home.  -Randy

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