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~  Our Honeymoon ~

Randy and Britney spent their honeymoon in Durango, Colorado at the Durango Mountain Resort (Thank you Uncle Duane and Aunt Janet Hill).

During their week stay, they enjoyed awesome skiing in fresh, fine powder snow, an exciting, playful snowmobile tour in the snow covered mountains above the tree line and a relaxing steam engine train ride through the cascades. Snow fell at their house their first night back home.

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And looking toward the future ...

Our future plans are to happily reside in the small, friendly town of Muleshoe, Texas living in our cozy, country house. Here we can enjoy the warm days outside gardening, playing with the dogs, flying kites, and running our toes through the grass. On the cold, snowy days we will be able to have snowball fights while building snowmen, then wrap up in blankets and cuddle on the couch.

Randy will continue running his business on farms and dairies while, spending his spare time doing what he loves, working outdoors.  Britney will now have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom and continue to volunteer at Kentonís pre-school. Kenton will be able to attend, Life In Christ Academy where he can make friends while learning to write his ABCís.

 Wedding Photography by Legendary Portraits, Granbury

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