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~  We're Engaged! ~

Britney MaShae Beaty Parish
Randy Lynn Carpenter

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Randy and Britney
were engaged the evening of January 18, 2002 at Del Frisco's in downtown Fort Worth.

Randy came up with the romantic idea but needed co-conspirators to pull it off ... their sisters. Randy told Britney that Heather and Scott invited them to enjoy a night out on the town. They were to eat at Del Frisco’s and then relax at a club.

Knowing Heather’s impeccable taste, Britney looked in her closet and cried looking at her options. Randy panicked and called Britney’s sister, Tysha, telling her he was afraid Britney was going to back out. Tysha eagerly joined the plan and called one of their friends, Sara Trout, to borrow some of her clothes for Britney. The outfit was perfect and Britney thought she was prepared.

They arrived at the restaurant where Britney thought they were suppose to meet Scott and Heather, who called and “happened” to be running late.

Seated at the table and looking at menus, Randy said, ”I love you”.  Britney looked at him and answered, “I love you too”.  Randy turned red and replied, “No, I really love you,” as he reached in his pocket.  He then got on his knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Britney turned red and nearly fainted as she said “Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes”.  She then grabbed for the ring with one hand and fanned herself with the other.  Both of them beamed the rest of the night while dining on steak and lobster.

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 Photography by Legendary Portraits, Granbury

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